Slavery Links Australia Inc. is a community association, incorporated in Victoria. We have a Board of Directors; and a five-year track record of education, research, policy development. Slavery Links’ projects include public speaking; the development of education materials such as the publication Australians and modern slavery; an exhibition and a web portal (awaiting funds).

How do we operate?

We work based on expertise (not mass membership at this stage). We are funded by members, not by Government or appeals for public money. We accept donations.

In 2015-16, we acknowledge a grant from the Vera Moore Trust, for work relating to Victoria.

What difference do we make?

Slavery Links seeks ways to minimise the harms of slavery and ways to control them. We intend to produce better business decisions, more informed consumers, more engaged members of Non-Government Organisations. We aim to increase community awareness, increase community action and assist organisations to recognise their anti-slavery roles.

Directors pro bono

Mark Strachan (Chair)
Dr Mark Burton
Anna Chmist (Treasurer)
Andrew Hateley
Leslie Hoatson
Roscoe Howell

Robert Evans (immediate past Chair)
Slavery Links members and associates contribute their time and expertise on a pro bono basis.
ABN 68 313 911 591